How To Order

All orders need to be placed and confirmed via email, we cannot take verbal orders via the telephone. This usually happens after a series of conversations with ourselves, and sometimes even a site visit.

At the time of placing your order we’ll ask you for a refundable deposit. This varies depending on the size of your event and location, it starts from £250. This money is returned to you 3 days after your event.

When placing your order we’ll agree with you expected guest levels and sometimes spend, this will vary depending on your event. The reason we have to do this is that of we’re expecting 150 guests to a wedding and only 70 turn up then we’ll have wasted lots of money on unused stock, plus the drinks bill will be significantly lower than expected. This doesn’t happen

When we accept your booking we also often have to turn down other events for the same dates. If you have to cancel months in advance then that’s usually fine, however if you cancel and we can’t replace your order then we’ll have to retain your deposit.

We accept payments by card, cash or bank transfer. We do not accept cheques, as it’s not 1997.

If you are unsure at any point then please give us a call on 0800 910 1030, we’re here to help.